Laser Marking and Engraving

The Hermetic Solutions Group provides high precision laser marking services for the defense, aerospace, medical and industrial markets. Whether you need a serial number, a company name or a logo on your part, our laser marker can handle it. We offer deep engraving of your parts, or contrast only marking. With contrast only marking, you’ll get a non-disturbed finish - ideal for the medical industry - that will last for the life of the product. With deep engraving, we can penetrate the surface anywhere from .005″ up to .010″ deep. Either way, we offer high quality finished parts to your specifications.

Looking for More?

Materials That Can Be Laser Marked

Almost any material can be marked: from plastics and resins to metals and alloys, laser marking is becoming the preferred method of permanently marking parts/products.

Laser Marking Saves Costs

With other marking methods, there are consumable material costs for things like tool bits, labels, chemicals and other items that may not create a non-wear surface. With laser marking, there are fewer costs and the laser creates a non-wear surface so there’s no need to worry about a serial number coming off, or rubbing down.

Prototype to Production Runs

Our laser marking systems efficiently handle small lot runs for prototypes, all the way to large lot runs for full scale production. We ensure the laser mark you want is the mark you get on every piece.