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Qnnect provides a number of technical resources, including product datasheets, white papers, presentations, models and drawings for our interconnect products, that deliver in-depth details on our products.  If there is a resource you are interested in but don't see, please contact

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Engineering Brief: Qnnect Provides Build-to-Print, Turn-Key Custom Dewar Solutions

Infrared (IR) cameras contain detectors, known as focal plane arrays (FPAs), that detect and measure thermal energy – or heat. The infrared thermal energy is converted into electronic images that indicate differences in surface temperature among the objects being imaged. […]

Prevent Out-gassing From Compromising Window Performance With Opti-Sorb™

Qnnect’s new Opti-Sorb™ product is comprised of optical and laser sensors as well as detectors which are photoelectronic components designed to detect and convert received light rays into electrical signals. These components have many uses, from contactless detection to counting, […]

Qnnect™ Acquires Hermetic Solutions Group

BOSTON, November 3, 2022 – Qnnect™, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, today announced the acquisition of Hermetic Solutions Group (“HSG”), expanding Qnnect’s offerings into hermetic packages and augmenting its existing portfolio of specialty interconnect solutions. HSG designs and […]

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