Laser Glovebox Hermetic Sealing Systems

When you’re ready to bring your laser hermetic sealing requirements in-house, Hermetic Solutions Group is here to set you up with the best equipment and support! With the ability to customize a solution for your manufacturing footprint and throughput needs, we generally offer full-size, medium and compact glovebox systems that are then specified to your exact needs.

Your defense & aerospace and medical components will be sealed with our highest quality glovebox laser workstation; these Class I, precision motion and sealing systems are manufactured with top-of-the-line components and unified with our ToolworkerTM software that delivers easy-to-use, flexible tools for operators, engineers and process quality auditors.

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Laser Sealing Glovebox Workstations

The Workstation

Our laser sealing systems include TRUMPF laser work cells. The Hermetic Solutions Group takes this technology and seamlessly integrates it into our state-of-the-art laser glovebox systems. Laser systems from Hermetic Solutions Group are controlled using FANUC FA America CNCs to insure accurate and repeatable motion.

The Software

The ToolworkerTM software suite is a process control platform for all stages of manufacturing – from research to finished product. It is built with extensive process data and operator activity logging to assist in complying with regulatory requirements. With ToolworkerTM, real-time and historical data is at your finger-tips. And you can data-log everything:

  • Batch history
  • Oxygen, moisture & helium levels
  • Process Snapshots
  • History of critical parameters
  • Environment conditions
  • Oven temperatures
  • And more!

Compact, Medium and Full-Size Laser Sealing Systems

At Hermetic Solutions Group, our customers range from high volume defense & aerospace customers to lower volume medical device customers and you’ll need a glovebox system that fits both your manufacturing space, as well as your throughput requirements.

Generally speaking the quality, specifications and precision of the workstation components and software are identical between the full-size, medium and compact systems; the primary difference among them is that the full-size system has a larger footprint, more ovens and an additional assembly area. The compact and medium-sized glovebox systems are built on the foundation of the full size glovebox system and is ideal for lower or mid-level  volume shops and/or footprint constraints in shops that need to keep tight control of their processes. The compact and medium sized glovebox systems are ideal for implantable medical devices, hi-rel electronic packages, research and development and other precision sealing.

Whether your requirements direct you toward a full-sized glovebox laser system or a medium or compact glovebox laser system, Hermetic Solutions Group’s engineering team will help you every step of the way – from designing the right system that fits your exact needs to set up and training. Because we use our own systems internally to provide laser sealing services for customers that have chosen not to bring sealing in-house, we thoroughly understand what comprises not only the right system, but also how to get the best possible long-term use of it for your investment.