Vacuum Components

At Qnnect we make headers and cup/stem assemblies for your vacuum applications; in fact, one of the very first products we ever made was for vacuum applications. To this day, 70 years later we still serve the vacuum product market with:

  • Flanged cup/stem assembly
  • Flangeless cup/stem assembly
  • Skirt-Style cup/stem assembly
  • Sharp-Corner cup/stem assembly
  • Vacuum application headers

Additionally, Qnnect has the largest selection of open tooling, plus custom capabilities for any size package, including JEDEC Outlines such as TO-18, TO-39, TO-8, TO-3, TO-37, TO-66 and more and we can produce your coined or machined header with glass or ceramic seals, and in variety of materials. We are known for exceptional quality, customer service and competitive lead-times; simply we are the right partner for your vacuum application components.

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