Rack and Panel Connectors

The Hermetic Solutions Group’s rack and panel DC connectors are compatible with lightweight housing materials such as aluminum and titanium, as well as conventional iron/nickel alloys. These DC connectors are used in defense, space, and commercial applications where environmental conditions require a rugged and reliable hermetic seal. The unique controlled CTE characteristics, chemical bonding properties and polycrystalline structure of Kryoflex®, allow the Hermetic Solutions Group to manufacture this part with gold-plated beryllium-copper contacts for excellent electrical performance and environmental characteristics.

These hermetic rack & panel DC connectors are manufactured for laser weld and solder-in applications. The Hermetic Solutions Group’s hermetically-sealed rack & panel connectors exceed the requirements of MIL-DTL-28748.

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Performance Configurations Rack & Panel
Specifications Material Compatibility Designed for aluminum, titanium or iron/nickel alloy applications
Contact Material Beryllium-copper CDA alloy 172/173
Shell Finish Options Passivated, nickel/gold Plated or chromate conversion coated as applicable
Contact Finish Nickel/gold plating
Interface Per MIL-DTL-28748
No. of Contacts 9,14,20,34,42,50,66,75,104
Opt. Solder Cup Contact Hermetic Solutions Group
Performance Leak Rate Less than 1×10-9 cc/sec Helium at 1 atmospheric differential pressure
Insulation Resistance Connectors provide greater than 5,000 Megohms at 500 VDC when tested in IAW MIL-STD-1344, Method 3003
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Connectors exhibit no evidence of breakdown or flashover when tested in IAW MIL-STD-1344, Method 3003
Corrosion Connectors meet salt spray test in IAW MIL-STD-1344, Method 3003
Operating Temperature -65°C to 200°C