With over 70 years of experience and extensive manufacturing capability, Qnnect has the largest selection of open tooling, plus custom capabilities for any size package, including JEDEC outlines such as TO-18, TO-39, TO-8, TO-3, TO-37, TO-66 and more.

Our headers can be:

  • Configured with identification beads
  • Coined or machined 
  • Round, diamond or rectangular shaped
  • Glass or ceramic sealed
  • Constructed with tie bars or weld rings 

Today's microwave, fiber optic and hermetic electronic enclosure customers know they can rely on Qnnect to produce standard and custom-designed high-reliability hermetic packages for the most demanding applications, using the latest materials. Our headers have served the defense and aerospace, medical, optical networking and industrial fields reliably for decades.  Let us help you!



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