Feedthru Terminals

Qnnect has your feedthru terminal needs covered, including standard, threaded body, and 50-Ohm for your microwave applications.

These products can include compression, matched, 50-Ohm seals; flanged/flangeless eyelets and machined/threaded bodies.

Various pin end styles are available including:

  • Straight Wire (SW)
  • Nail Head (NH)
  • Flattened & Pierced (FP)
  • Flattened (FL)
  • Blind Lug (BL)
  • Loop / Hook (LO)
  • Open Lug (OL)
  • Right Angle / Bent (RA)
  • Mechanical Clip (MC)
  • Triple Turret Head (TT)
  • Turret Head (TH)
  • Hollow Tube (HT)

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