Power Packages

The Hermetic Solutions Group has extensive experience in manufacturing power packaging, including high thermal dissipation power packages and power transistor outline packages. We have the largest selection of open tooling, plus custom capabilities for any size package and application.

High-power applications require excellent thermal conductivity along with low electrical resistivity.  Many of these parts are made with a combination of materials. For example, we have used copper, copper tungsten, copper moly, GlidCop, Al/Si, copper graphite and graphite diamond in the design and manufacture of these high-power packages. Combining materials to exacting standards requires advanced experience in metallurgy, so our engineering department is made up of metallurgical and mechanical engineers.

We can produce your power package with glass or ceramic seals, and a variety of materials.  We are also always seeking new materials that will help solve your thermal challenges.

Hermetic Solutions Group delivers high quality product, on-time and with exceptional service.

Looking for More?

Power Transistor Outline Package Offerings

  • One-piece construction
    • Platform plug-in
    • Tub flatpack
    • Tub plug-in
    • Machined flatpack*
    • Machined plug-in*
  • Two-piece construction
    • Frame flatpack
    • Frame plug-in
*For custom designs, please contact us