Hybrid Packages

The Hermetic Solutions Group offers standard flatpack, plug-in and platform packages in all common industry configurations. Our In-house engineering & manufacturing capabilities enable the Hermetic Solutions Group to accommodate any custom requirement.

Our manufacturing flexibility allows for high- or low-volume production using CNC machining or tooling runs depending on quantities required. With our decades of experience, Hermetic Solutions Group can provide your standard or custom hybrid package regardless of the quantities or application involved. We also manufacture the hermetic lid and getter (which maintains the purity of the atmosphere within a hermetically sealed device) - truly a one-stop-shop.

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Hybrid Package Offerings

  • One-piece construction
    • Platform plug-in
    • Tub flatpack
    • Tub plug-in
    • Machined flatpack*
    • Machined plug-in*
  • Two-piece construction
    • Frame flatpack
    • Frame plug-in
*For custom designs, please contact us