Conventional Hermetic Electronic Packages

Qnnect has been supporting customers in the defense & aerospace, medical, energy and optical networking markets with hermetic packaging for decades. Today we manufacturing packages at three facilities in the United States. From lightweight titanium and aluminum to robust Kovar, Qnnect knows how to engineer  and manufacture nearly every type of hermetic electronic package from the material best suited to meet your application requirements. Not to mention both glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal sealing technologies, hermetic package manufacturing is in our DNA! And with our extensive application experience across multiple industries whatever your application, we can support you. Finally, if exceptional quality, competitive lead-times and a robust engineering and support staff are important to the success of your program or project, Qnnect is the right partner for your hermetic packaging requirements.

Aluminum Hermetic Electronic Packages

Aluminum is a lightweight material with high thermal conductivity. Qnnect uses precision CNC machining techniques to manufacture aluminum hermetic electronic packages. Our DC and RF connectors can then be integrated via laser welding, eliminating the possibility of solder joint fatigue failure. Qnnect’s aluminum packaging is hermetic through harsh thermal cycling and is re-workable.

Titanium Electronic Packaging

Titanium is also a lightweight material that we put through a precision CNC machining process to produce hermetic electronic packages. Titanium is often selected over aluminum alternatives because that material delivers lower CTE. Our machined titanium housings can also be integrated with our DC and RF connectors, removing the possibility of solder fatigue related hermetic failures. Titanium packaging remains hermetic through harsh thermal cycling and, thanks to laser-weld connector integration, is re-workable.

Kovar Packaging

An industry standard for decades, Qnnect’s Kovar hermetic electronic packages have a low CTE, low thermal conductivity and direct sealing capabilities. These robust precision machined housings can be integrated with the Hermetic Solutions Group’s DC and RF connectors, removing the possibility of solder fatigue related hermetic failures.

Our Conventional Hermetic Package Offerings

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