Hermetic Electronic Packaging

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At Qnnect, we bring our customers’ hermetic package designs to life. By utilizing both industry standard and unique materials, as well as proprietary manufacturing processes, we help to optimize for weight savings, footprint reduction, thermal transfer and more. Our precision machining capabilities allow us to meet very tight tolerances for Kovar, aluminum and titanium housings. We deliver custom packaging solutions that ensure the electronics within those devices are unaffected by whatever extreme environmental condition they face.

Qnnect designs, fabricates, and integrates hermetic connectors into ultra-rugged, light-weight hermetic integrated electronic packaging destined for extreme environments. We also offer package assembly and sealing services to be a one stop shop for all your requirements.

Hermetic Packages for a Range of Applications

Whether it’s integrating hermetic components that protect satellites deep in space or producing hermetic connectors for oil-drilling tools that bore deep below the earth’s surface, electronic packages from Qnnect are designed to deliver high levels of reliability under the harshest conditions.

Qnnect manufactures packaging for markets such as the defense, aerospace and down-hole oil industries as well as implantable medical device packaging using materials with a proven history of implantable viability.

Further, due to our commitment to quality, our parts have been compared to pieces of jewelry – that’s how much we care!

We have an extensive offering of hermetic packaging options to fit nearly every need, including:

Our Hermetic Electronic Package Offerings