Thermal Management Base Plates

The Hermetic Solutions Group manufactures base plates made from advanced thermal management materials that efficiently draw heat away from sensitive electronics within a hermetic package, ensuring performance and longevity.

With over 40 years of advanced thermal materials manufacturing experience, Hermetic Solutions Group really understands how critical this support component is in the overall success of critical applications across the defense & aerospace, medical, and industrial markets and is an ideal partner to help with your specific application.

The table below highlights some of our base plate manufacturing capabilities and offerings.  Please let us know how we can customize our offerings to meet your needs.

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  • Pure Moly
  • Cu/Mo/Cu (Clad)
  • Copper/Moly and Copper Tungsten (Composites)
Plating Finishes Gold over Nickel
Shapes / Size Manufactured to precise tolerances of ±0.002″ in length and width, component sizes typically range from 0.010″ to 3″ long, 0.010″ to 3″ wide, and 0.005″ to 0.100″ thick.
Manufacturing Process
  • Machined
    • EDM
    • Milled
  • Stamped
Customer Use Soldering, epoxy
Material Form Flat shapes and complex shapes
Finish Electroplating (Gold over Nickel)
Thermal Conductivity @ 25oC 160 to 220 W/m*K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) @ 25oC 5.7 to 9 ppm / K
Length .010 “ to 3”
Width .010 “ to 3”
Thickness .005” to .100”
Tolerance* .002 in (Major Dimensions) LxW
10% of Thickness (Gauge)
Flatness .001″ in/in flatness (typical)

*Tighter Tolerances Available