Thermal Management Solutions

With increasing power, speed and performance demands, dissipating heat in hermetically sealed devices that house sensitive electronic components is one of the biggest challenges in the microelectronics industry. At the Hermetic Solutions Group, we are experts in solving complex thermal management problems associated with microelectronic applications.

Proper material selection is fundamental to an efficient thermal management solution. We offer technically robust, advanced thermal management materials, such as molybdenum/copper (MoCu), copper/molybdenum copper (CMC), and tungsten/copper (WCu). We are also consistently looking for novel materials to support your evolving thermal management needs. Our thermal management products are EDM'd, milled or stamped to precise size and dimensions and then electroplated. Our products consistently exceed customer expectations for quality, workmanship standards (especially corners and edges), plating requirements and ease of use.

Three to five week lead times are typical; however, we also support the need for additional flexibility as required. We provide customers with certification of compliance and certification of analysis documentation and we manufacture with adherence to numerous industry standards - STM-B-488 (Gold), MIL-G-45204C (gold), ASTM –B-689 (electrolytic nickel), AMS-QQ-N-290 (electrolytic nickel), MIL-C-26074E (electroless nickel), and ASTM-B-733 (electroless nickel) J-Std-006.

Our Thermal Management Offerings

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