Solder & Braze Preforms

Solder and braze preforms from Qnnect keep it all together!

Preforms are excellent solution for attaching electronic circuitry and packaging electronic devices. Preforms deliver good thermal and electrical conductivity as well as provide an interface for electronic connections. Alloy selection and shape geometry/dimension are critical decision points and Qnnect are experts in the intricate physical and chemical requirements for solder and braze preforms and we are well qualified to assist customers select the best material for any application.

We offer more than 40 years of preform manufacturing experience across multiple industries and endless geometries and applications. We understand tight tolerances and are an ideal partner for all of your preform needs.

Configuration Options

While extensive tooling supporting common shapes is available, we also offer complex geometries using low-cost tooling options. We hold extremely tight tolerances in square, rectangular, spherical and disc shapes for our braze and solder preforms, as often is required in the construction of electronic packages. Washer shaped preforms from Qnnect can be used to attach hermetic feedthrus for electronic components.

+/- 0.003” for both length and width are typical tolerances (tighter tolerances are available) and 10% of thickness tolerances are typical.

Preform Material Considerations