Ring Frames

When a hermetic package design incorporates ceramic composition or high thermal conductivity material, the Hermetic Solutions Group is your “go to” for ring frames.

Ring frames from the Hermetic Solutions Group provide a number of advantages including:

  • The ability to achieve and maintain very tight flatness tolerances
  • Maintaining fine surface finish requirements
  • Support for very complex design and configurations
  • The Hermetic Solutions Group also manufactures solder and braze preforms that support your ring frame assembly attach process.

Ring frames from the Hermetic Solutions Group can be manufactured in Kovar, Alloy 42, copper and Molybdenum with a wire EDM or CNC milling process. Plating options include electrolytic or electroless nickel as well as soft electrolytic gold. They are generally integrated by soldering or brazing to ceramic.

Let us help you identify the right ring frame solution for your application!


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