Hermetic Package Lids

On the surface, lids for hermetic microelectronic packaging may not seem like the most exciting piece of the electronic packaging equation. Often, there are many technical attributes in designing and manufacturing a new device. Unless a radical new packaging technique is also being developed, the lid used for sealing is often taken for granted. However, Qnnect gets it; we are a supplier who thoroughly understands the hermetic lid sealing process and the fundamental differences and requirements of different techniques. Chemical etching, stamping, deep drawn, solder seal, and window integration are among Qnnect’s lid manufacturing capabilities. Specific application will dictate which of these technologies will be employed to meet specific customer requirements. Metal options include ASTM-F15 alloys (Kovar, 42, 46, 48, and 49) to 300/400 Series stainless steel, to cold rolled steel while window material options include borosilicate and sapphire, depending on the specific customer requirements.

Hermetic Package Lid Offerings