O2 Getters

Polymeric materials used in hermetic packages can outgas oxygen and this type of outgassing can lead to premature device failure or degraded performance; oxygen can degrade polymeric electronic systems and also attack nano electronic systems. If operating conditions or accelerated life testing results in outgassed oxygen.

Hermetic Solutions Group and Johnson Matthey have been teaming together since 1999 to bring our customers the most robust solutions. Each solution is customized based on application, footprint, RGA analysis and other factors. We work together early in your design process so that whatever oxygen issue your electronics face, we customize your exact solutions.

The Hermetic Solutions Group’s CP Getter Series offers an excellent oxygen getter solution as highlighted below.

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HSG Series Description Market Application Examples Format
CP Series Used in all applications. Getters adsorb contaminants at normal operating temperatures. Will withstand processing and storage temperatures up to 500°C. Normally requires activation

Defense & Aerospace – Accelerometers