Multiple Contaminant Getters

The variety of adhesives and sealants that can be used within a hermetic package can result in multiple contaminants that can be adsorbed with a single getter.

The Hermetic Solutions Group addresses this reliability hazard by manufacturing products that can adsorb multiple contaminants, as highlighted below. If the products below don’t fully meet your needs, we’re also very happy to work with you to help identify the best solution for your unique situation and application. Please let us know how we can help.

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HSG Series Tablet Ink Foil Moisture H2 CO2 O2 Organics Description
HTA Series X X X X X Designed for harsh environment systems. Effective up to 400°C. Can be supplied activated
CP Series X X X X X X Used in all applications. Getters absorb contaminants at normal operating temperatures. Will withstand processing and storage temperatures up to 500°C. Normally requires activation
HGI Series X X X X X Dispensed getter added to lid or coupon for customer integration. Processing temperature 120°C maximum.
HTI Series X X X X X Similar to HGI series but can withstand processing temperatures up to 320°C.
HRI Series X X No activation needed. Supplied spot welded to metal substrates or direct to customer. Only 0.004” thick, so easy to integrate into existing designs