Moisture Getters

Moisture is often a result of outgassing from polymeric materials and is a dangerous contaminant in hermetically sealed packages. Hermetic Solutions Group has developed a range of getter solutions to adsorb and, consequently, avoid premature device failure due to moisture contamination, H2O (Moisture) can induce corrosion and/or dendritic growth.

Hermetic Solutions Group and Johnson Matthey have been teaming together since 1999 to bring our customers the most robust solutions. Each solution is customized based on application, footprint, RGA analyis and other factors. We work together early in your design process so that whatever moisture issue your electronics face, we customize your exact solutions.

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HSG Series Description Market Application -  Examples Format
HTA Series Designed for harsh environment systems. Effective up to 400oC. Can be supplied activated
  • Petrochemical – Harsh environment,
  • Optical Networking – Long haul/laser diode,
  • Defense & Aerospace – High speed modulators
CP Series Used in all applications. Getters absorb contaminants at normal operating temperatures. Will withstand processing and storage temperatures up to 500oC. Normally requires activation
  • Defense & Aerospace – Accelerometers
HGI Series Smaller form factor than CP Series getters, but otherwise used in similar applications. Processing temperature 120oC maximum.
  • Medical – Lasers
  • Optical Networking – Fiber Optics
  • Defense & Aerospace – Radar / Gyroscopes
HTI Series Form factors and cost advantages of HGI series material (in comparison to CP Series) but can withstand processing temperatures up to 320oC.
  • Optical Networking -Long haul/laser diode