H2 Getters

While pre-baking a hermetic package may prevent some outgassing, hydrogen may still be released inside the package over time. Hydrogen reacts with Oxygen to produce moisture which then can corrode. Hydrogen can also attack palladium and platinum semiconducting gates in microwave chipsets (e.g. GaAs) causing failure.

To address this issue, the Hermetic Solutions Group has developed hydrogen getter solutions in several different formats – a foil getter, as well ink and tablet getters - for multiple product applications and industries. Our offerings are described below, but if you have a unique requirement, please let us know. We work very closely with our customers to develop custom solutions. For additional information on calculating H2 getter absorption capacity, download our white paper from our resources section

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HSG Series Description Market Application - Examples Format
HTA Series Designed for harsh environment systems. Effective up to 400°C. Usually supplied activated and sealed with a protective membrane.
  • Petrochemical Harsh environment
  • Optical Networking Long haul/laser diode
  • Defense & Aerospace – High speed modulators
CP Series Used in all applications. Getters absorb contaminants at normal operating temperatures. Will withstand processing and storage temperatures up to 500°C. Normally requires activation
  • Defense & Aerospace – Accelerometers
HGI Series Low cost printed getter tailored to the application. Processing temperature 120°C maximum.
  • Medical – Lasers
  • Optical Networking – Fiber Optics
  • Defense & Aerospace – Radar / Gyroscopes
HTI Series Low cost dispensed getter similar to HGI material but can withstand processing temperatures up to 320°C.
  • Optical Networking Long haul/laser diode
HR1 No activation needed. Supply spot welded to metal substrates or direct to customer. Only 0.004” thick, so easy to integrate into existing designs.
  • RF Microwave