CO2 Getters

Polymeric adhesives may outgas carbon dioxide, which can affect laser power and add distortion.

If you have a laser application, and your device is experiencing reduced power, your product may have carbon dioxide contamination issue. The Hermetic Solutions Groups provides a number of solutions to help prevent carbon dioxide contamination as detailed below. If you have a unique application, let us know – we’re ready to help develop the right solution for your circumstance.

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HSG Series Description Market Application - Examples Format
HTA Series Designed for harsh environment systems. Effective up to 400°C. Usually supplied activated
  • Petrochemical Harsh environment
  • Optical Networking Long haul/laser diode
  • Defense & Aerospace – High speed modulators
CP Series Used in all applications. Getters absorb contaminants at normal operating temperatures. Will withstand processing and storage temperatures up to 500°C. Normally requires activation
  • Defense & Aerospace – Accelerometers
HGI Series Dispensed getter applied to lid or coupon. Processing temperature 120°C maximum.
  • Medical – Lasers
  • Optical Networking – Fiber Optics
  • Defense & Aerospace – Radar / Gyroscopes
HTI Series Similar to HGI series but can withstand processing temperatures up to 320°C.
  • Optical Networking Long haul/laser diode