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We Proudly Serve Nearly Every Industrial Market

Our innovative and customer centric thinking has allowed us to successfully support our customers in the following industries for over 70 years:  Defense & Aerospace, Energy & Industrial, Medical and Optical Networking.  You bring your market application.  We bring our cross-market breadth of solutions.

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Key Markets Served

Customers will benefit from the state-of-the-art products and innovative manufacturing capabilities, unique materials/processes and highly dedicated and responsive customer service.

Defense & Aerospace

Leading defense and aerospace contractors rely on components from the Hermetic Solutions Group to ensure their mission-critical systems operate reliably under the harshest conditions. We support a variety of programs, including electronic warfare systems, missiles, UAVs, satellites and space vehicles.

Energy & Industrial

Protecting sensitive electronics from harsh conditions down-hole oil tools operate in is a challenge, but we offer unique technologies and manufacturing processes that allow us to produce components for measure while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD) and directional drilling systems that are reliable at temperatures up to 300ºC and pressures up to 30KPSI.


In the medical industry, we know that failure is not an option! We manufacture components for implantable medical devices, endoscopic systems, surgical robots, surgical power tools, medical tubing, and digital mammography equipment and also offer Class 7 Clean Room services such as device and package assembly, hermetic sealing and packaging and sterilization.

Optical Networking

As we move toward 5G networks and transmission speeds must increase in both data centers and telecommunications applications, the need for complex, robust, high-reliability hermetic opto-electronic devices has never been stronger. The Hermetic Solutions Group delivers the high-reliability components to manufacturers of digital attenuators, cellular communications and DWDM optical transport systems.

Our Products

We offer innovative solutions and produce state-of-the-art products for Defense & Aerospace, Energy, Industrial, Medical and Optical Networking industries.

Our Services

We’re not just a manufacturer; we offer our customers value added services to help them succeed when in-house capacity is not an option.