Precision Metal Fabrication

Do we know how to make metal work for you!  At the core of what Qnnect offers to its customers is its extensive metallurgical knowledge and manufacturing competencies that are used to create metal components and housings that protect sensitive microelectronics across the defense and aerospace, medical, optical networking and energy markets.

Across our global manufacturing facilities we offer the following metal fabrication competencies to provide our customers with the most application specific metal composition / metal alloy, product finishes, tight tolerances and complex geometries.

We put our customers at the center of everything we do – so if one of the technologies below does not meet your application requirements, please let us know – we’ve been known to add competencies in short order to help our customers succeed.

Our Core Metal Fabrication Competencies

Chemical Etching

Hermetic Solutions Group uses a chemical etching process, when indicated, in the production of hermetic packaging lid components where it is necessary to ensure that tight dimensional tolerances are maintained. The chemical milling technique used for etching results in a profile, ideal for seam sealing, and provides a part free from burs and residual stress.

CNC Machining

With decades of experience and over 100,000 sq ft of capacity with the latest multi-axis CNC equipment at multiple facilities, our capabilities can bring your hermetic metal housing, connector or component designs to life. We recognize that designing and producing precision components is the first step in enabling and protecting sensitive electronics, so we employ the best team to set the stage for success.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

With our EDMs, we can create complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools. It allows us to machine extremely hard material to very close tolerances and create very small work pieces where conventional cutting tools may damage the part from excess cutting tool pressure. Since there is no direct contact between tool and work piece materials can be machined without perceivable distortion and good surface finish can also be obtained.

Explosively Bonded Metals

Design engineers often face the dilemma of material selection, and frequently, they discover that a combination of materials provides the optimal properties required by the design. The Hermetic Solution Group’s explosively bonded metals process can join otherwise incompatible materials without compromising other design elements.

Metal Alloying, Casting, Rolling, Slitting

Hermetic Solutions Group has extensive metallurgy expertise in metal casting, alloying, rolling, and slitting to create specific composites or pure metals that support our thermal management solutions and preform manufacturing and product lines.


Our metal stamping capabilities are used across a variety of materials, including Kovar, cold rolled steel and stainless steel and across a number of applications. Our stamped flat lids – either for use alone or as part of our solder seal lid offering, domed lids and drawn covers are used in a variety of industries.  Stamped lids are used when our customer uses a welding process for sealing hermetic packages.

Waterjet Cutting

At the Hermetic Solutions Group, our waterjet cutting capabilities are often used in the fabrication process for our machined parts. Our CNC controlled waterjet systems use high-pressure water, mixed with an abrasive. The abrasive does the cutting through a mechanical sawing action, leaving a smooth, precision cut surface, which is critical for our customers’ precision dimensional requirements.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality  helps ensure our customers are successful with their customers. And when we say “quality,” we don’t just mean producing the highest quality products, because that goes without saying; for the Hermetic Solutions Group, exceptional quality extends to our processes, the way in which we interact with our customers, our employees and the world. Quality is how the Hermetic Solutions Group does business.

Our Products

We offer innovative solutions and produce state-of-the-art products for Defense & Aerospace, Energy, Industrial,Medical and Optical Networking industries.

Our Services

We’re not just a manufacturer; we offer our customers value added services to help them succeed when in-house capacity is not an option.