Glass-to-Metal Sealing

Hermetic Solutions Group has over 70 years of experience in the glass-to-metal sealing industry supporting harsh environment microelectronics for the defense and aerospace, optical networking, medical, energy and industrial markets in applications such as satellite, missile, and aircraft guidance; electronic warfare; and the UAV market, as well as bio-medical detectors, fiber optic switching, blood analysis detectors and telecommunication technology.

If your application necessitates a glass-to-metal seal – we can make it happen!

We seal various types of glass directly into a variety of metals such as Kovar, Alloy 42, Alloy 49, Alloy 46, and stainless steel, with either a matched or compression seal. Machined, coined, etched, and stamped modules can be manufactured with pins directly glass-sealed into the module.

Through our extensive experience producing glass-sealed products - from connectors to microelectronic packages to headers and feedthrus, we have the expertise to deliver high-reliability glass-to-metal solutions. For applications requiring higher processing temperatures, we provide unique glass-to-metal seals which utilize a special oxidation and sealing process.

Brazing can often be performed before, during, or after the sealing process — depending on material choice. The Hermetic Solutions Group’s production lines including both blast furnaces, that take care of our glass-to-metal brazing sealing processes. We also offer vacuum brazing processes that use belt-furnace soldering for frames, floors, metallized ceramics, feedthrus, capacitors, connectors, etc. into housings, using Au/Ge, Au/Sn, and other tin alloys.

It is our top priority to help our customers address technical challenges and meet their business goals – let us help you!

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality  helps ensure our customers are successful with their customers. And when we say “quality,” we don’t just mean producing the highest quality products, because that goes without saying; for the Hermetic Solutions Group, exceptional quality extends to our processes, the way in which we interact with our customers, our employees and the world. Quality is how the Hermetic Solutions Group does business.

Our Products

We offer innovative solutions and produce state-of-the-art products for Defense & Aerospace, Energy, Industrial,Medical and Optical Networking industries.

Our Services

We’re not just a manufacturer; we offer our customers value added services to help them succeed when in-house capacity is not an option.