Qnnect offers both in-house vacuum brazing, as well as blast belt furnace brazing, capabilities which allows us to provide ceramic-to-metal, glass-to-metal, metal-to-composite and metal-to-metal bonding solutions for use in fabricated components, electronic packaging and assemblies. Depending on the quantity of parts to be brazed, the base materials sensitivity to oxidation and the out-gassing potential of the metal elements, will help determine whether we’ll blast braze or vacuum braze.

Atmosphere Mesh Belt Blast Brazing

Continuous mesh belt blast brazing uses a furnace that is open at both ends with a metallic-mesh belt that moves through it in a continuous loop. Parts to be brazed are loaded onto the belt at the front of the furnace, move into a heating hot zone and then through a cooling zone on continuously. The brazed components are carried to the back end of the furnace and removed from the moving belt. The belt then loops around toward the front of the furnace to complete the continuous loop.

Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum brazing is the process of bonding two or more base materials with a liquid filler material at a temperature below the solidus of the base materials being bonded. The liquid filler material must have a liquidus temperature above 450°C and below the solidus temperature of the base materials. Our experienced staff of material scientists and process engineers meet the highest demands for quality — through finite control of critical brazing processes. Our in-house vacuum brazing capabilities mean we can deliver exacting advanced ceramic-to-metal, metal-to-composite and metal-to-metal bonding solutions used in fabricated components, electronic packaging and assemblies.

We have a history of hermetically brazing the following material types:


  • Corning glass-to-Kovar

Ceramic-to-Metal Bonding

  • Titanium-to-zirconia
  • Invar-to-AIN

Titanium-to-CuMo Metal-to-Composite Bonding

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low density
  • Low CTE
  • Better strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum

Metal-to-Metal Bonding

  • Stainless-to-stainless
  • Inconel-to-stainless

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality  helps ensure our customers are successful with their customers. And when we say “quality,” we don’t just mean producing the highest quality products, because that goes without saying; for Qnnect, exceptional quality extends to our processes, the way in which we interact with our customers, our employees and the world. Quality is how Qnnect does business.

Our Products

We offer innovative solutions and produce state-of-the-art products for Defense & Aerospace, Energy, Industrial,Medical and Optical Networking industries.

Our Services

We’re not just a manufacturer; we offer our customers value added services to help them succeed when in-house capacity is not an option.