About Hermetic Solutions Quality


Our commitment to quality helps ensure that our customers are successful with their customers. And when we say “quality,” we don’t just mean producing the highest quality products, because that goes without saying; for Qnnect, exceptional quality extends to our processes, the way in which we interact with our customers, our employees and the world. Quality is how Qnnect does business.

Each of our manufacturing facilities is ISO certified. We work as a team to ensure we fully understand our customers’ manufacturing requirements and their expectations for testing, qualification, communication and certificates of compliance.

And then we deliver.

If you would like additional information or documentation on any of our policies and declarations, please visit our Brands page for information about each division.

Please let us know what your specific quality and qualification requirements are; if you're just starting with a design, we’d be happy to help guide the development of your testing requirements.


Our Products

We offer innovative solutions and produce state-of-the-art products for Defense & Aerospace, Energy, Industrial,Medical and Optical Networking industries.

Our Services

We’re not just a manufacturer; we offer our customers value added services to help them succeed when in-house capacity is not an option.