Litron: Precision Laser Services and Manufacturing

Litron, Inc., a Qnnect portfolio company, was founded when a pioneer in the high-energy beam processing industry partnered with an expert in application development, tooling design, and programming. Together, they brought new, expansive capabilities to the hermetic laser sealing of microelectronic packages, surgical instruments, implantable medical devices, process control modules and other precision products and components. 

Today, Litron continues to offer those high-quality laser services.

Litron Product & Service Offerings: 

  • Laser Services 
    • Laser Welding
    • Laser Cutting & Drilling
    • Laser Marking & Engraving
    • Hermetic Sealing Services
  • Implantable Medical Device Assembly
  • High Reliability Package Fabrication

Litron Manufacturing Capabilities: 

  • Laser Welding, Sealing, Cutting and Marking 
  • CNC Machining 
    • 3, 4 and 5 Axis Capabilities 
  • Plating (Nickel/Gold, Conversion Coating) 
  • Feedthrough Integration