Hi-Rel Group Division

Hi-Rel Group: Precision Microelectronic Components

Hi-Rel Group, a Qnnect portfolio company, was founded in 1976 and is a leading manufacturer of highly specialized metal components for the microelectronic packaging industry. Those specialized components include but are not limited to getters, absorbers, covers, ring frames, thermal management solutions, preforms and more.  

Manufacturing happens across three facilities, Hi-Rel Products, Hi-Rel Alloys and Hi-Rel Lids, each focusing on a core specialty and together providing customers with high performance turnkey solutions.

Common Materials Include:

  • Pure Mo, Cu or W 
  • Laminate materials; CMC, CPC and SCPC 
  • Mo/Cu and W/Cu composites 
  • Metal Matrix Composites: aluminum, copper and silver diamond 
  • PCD – Polycrystalline diamond  
  • MCD – Mono-crystalline diamond 

Offering these materials for use in package bases, flanges and as die sub-mount tabs, Hi-Rel delivers on your needs for material performance, complex geometries, tight tolerances and the highest-quality standards. 

Hi-Rel Group Product & Service Offerings 

  • Getter Solutions 
  • Hermetic Package Lids & Assembly 
  • Solder & Braze Preforms 
  • Thermal Management Solutions 
  • Thermal Spreaders 
  • Precision Support Components 
  • Ring Frames



Hi-Rel Group Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Alloy Rolling
  • Stamping & In-House Tooling
  • EDM Processing
  • Waterjet
  • Getter Dispensing
  • Chemical Etching
  • Plating
  • Design & Prototype
  • Assembly