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Prevent Out-gassing From Compromising Window Performance With Opti-Sorb™

A Getter Solution to Improve Reliability!

Qnnect's new Opti-Sorb™ product is comprised of optical and laser sensors as well as detectors which are photoelectronic components designed to detect and convert received light rays into electrical signals. These components have many uses, from contactless detection to counting, to positioning, etc. The individual applications for these sensing devices is as broad as their operating environment, being found across the spectrum from Ocean, Land, Air and Space.  These optical sensing devices work by measuring the intensity of incident light coming through an optical window and converting that light into a digital form that is then rendered readable by an integrated measuring device, depending on the sensor type.  To operate effectively and reliably, these devices must have an unimpeded light path from the sensor to the outside environment. In fact, the outgassed moisture, hydrocarbons, and volatile chemicals from sensor package materials may form a thin layer around optical susceptible surfaces, such as optical window and detector (CCD/CMOS) surfaces.

To operate in the harshest environments, many sensors are housed inside a hermetic enclosure with a sealed glass window that must remain optically clear to maintain peak device performance.  Consider the conditions these devices must endure; a wide variability in local environment operating temperatures, the presence of moisture or water vapor (H2O), Hydrogen (H2), Oxygen (O2), and the potential outgassing of organics within the enclosed package itself to name a few.  Any or all these inherent species alone or combined can play a role in depositing unwanted contaminants on the optical window and even on the sensor itself; all of which can act to negatively affect the long-term reliability of these vital products due to loss of the optical transmission or reflectance.

Qnnect being a manufacturer of these optical windows, recognizes the challenges these optical or laser sensors face with operating in harsh environments, and as a result has developed a new line of gettering product that will improve the sensors long term reliability.  This new product has been designed to be mounted along the metal sidewall of the window itself, well outside of the sensors optical path.  These new products can be adapted to utilize any of our gettering materials; from moisture to hydrogen or both and have been proven to be robust in any use cases or applications.

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