Hermetic Solutions Group Announces Acquisition of the RHP DiaCool™ Intellectual Property

Hermetic Solutions Group Announces Acquisition of the RHP DiaCool™ Intellectual Property

DiaCool by Hermetic Solutions GroupTREVOSE, Pa. - Oct. 20, 2022 -- Hermetic Solutions Group (HSG) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Intellectual Property of DiaCool™, a diamond based metal matrix composite material for use in thermal management applications, from RHP Technologies. This expands HSG's product lineup and offers customers significantly more options for many years to come.

The acquisition of this high performance thermal material opens a new chapter for HSG providing us the ability to own and build DiaCool here in our HSG facilities, and offering next generation solutions to our customers' product designs! Signing this contract cements the opportunity to offer products utilizing DiaCool across all HSG platforms; from adding this higher performance material to our legacy line of thermal submounts, to enhanced package bases and flanges and into integrated packaging and next level product architectures", said David DeWire, VP of Global Business Development.

With continued demand to reduce size, while increasing power, speed, and performance, the ability to remove heat from sensitive electronic components presents a constant challenge to product designs in the microelectronics industry. The addition of DiaCool in the product lineup offers a complementary technology to HSG's state of the art offerings.

HSG's DiaCool diamond composite material for heat sinks, die tabs, and heat spreaders provides customers with significant advantages over conventional laminate or MMC materials.

"DiaCool™ materials deliver a device-friendly coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high thermal conductivity that can satisfy the most demanding applications. Our DiaCool materials exhibit excellent surface quality for all your die attach, and soldering needs. It is easily adaptable to customer specific designs and is a cost-effective solution to increase the long-term reliability of power, RF, laser, and any applications where thermal management is vital to long term reliability." – David DeWire, VP of Global Business Development.

Learn more about HSG's DiaCool here.