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Hermetic Solutions Group Launches Enhanced Silver Diamond DiaCool for Thermal Management of Mission Critical Applications

Hermetic Solutions Group Launches Enhanced Silver Diamond DiaCool for Thermal Management of Mission Critical Applications

TREVOSE, PA – April 20th, 2022 – Hermetic Solutions Group (HSG), comprised of industry leading brands Cristek, FilConn, Hi-Rel, Litron, PA&E, and Sinclair, a global provider of highly engineered performance and protection solutions for mission-critical microelectronics, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its DiaCoolTM product family and launched Ag720, an enhanced Silver Diamond DiaCool product. The newest Silver diamond based material exhibits excellent thermal conductivity with a low coefficient of thermal expansion that is shown to be an enabling addition to any power dense application.

“We’re pleased to announce the addition of the newest member to our DiaCool family of thermal management products,” said David DeWire, Vice President of Global Business Development at Hermetic Solutions Group.  “The addition of this new material pushes the thermal performance of our DiaCool product portfolio upward, allowing our customers the opportunity to select any one of the three materials in the DiaCool lineup that’s best suited to their product requirements.”

The full DiaCool product line offers a broad range of thermal conductivity performance from 475 to 720W/mK, while exhibiting a low coefficient of thermal expansion in the ranges of 5 to 8 ppm.  Our DiaCool product offerings are easily adaptable to customer specific designs and represent a cost-effective solution to increase the long-term reliability of power, RF, laser, and any applications where thermal management is vital.

Download the DiaCool product line datasheet for more technical information.

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Hermetic Solutions Group is the premier global supplier of specialty interconnects, hermetic packaging, and engineered components and services. Comprised of industry leading brands – Cristek Interconnects, FilConn, Hi-Rel Group, Litron, PA&E and Sinclair Manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive solution for hermetic packages, specialty connectors, cable assemblies, headers, lids, windows, thermal management materials, vacuum products, preforms and laser systems and services.  We make our customers lives easier by providing them every solution needed to enable and protect sensitive electronics in critical applications and harsh environments.  And while our customers are at the center of everything we do, we recognize that it is our employees that make it all happen and we are proud of that fact.  With over 800 employees located in eleven facilities across three countries, we like to say that we are unconventional, thoughtful and always willing to go the extra mile – not only for our customers, but for our employees too.


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