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New HP/HT Connector Sealing Technology

Kryoflex XTS: New Levels Of Reliability & Performance for HP/HT Applications

If you have applications that must operate reliably at elevated temperatures and pressures, what are your specific temperature and pressure requirements?

  • 10KPSI@ 150°C?
  • 20KPSI@177°C?
  • 25KPSI@200°C?
  • 25KPSI@240°C?
  • 30KPSI@260°C?

Well, here at HSG, we have built and tested connectors that are reliable in all those environments. Our Kryoflex® XTS ceramic based sealing material has been proven to deliver a reliable hermetic seal at up to 30KPSI @ 260°C. Additionally, Kryoflex XTS is hydrophobic, so not only will your components remain hermetic at pressure and temperature, but they will also deliver reliable electrical performance in water-based or oil-based mud filled downhole wellbores. So, if your electrical feedthru or bulkhead connector design must operate reliably at elevated temperatures and pressures, please contact the Hermetic Solutions Group. We will be happy to help you meet your reliability and performance requirements in high pressure, high temperature environments.