Hermetic Solutions Group Releases DiaCool

Hermetic Solutions Group releases DiaCoolTM

TREVOSE, PA – January 28, 2020 – Hermetic Solutions Group, a leading global supplier of mission-critical, highly engineered component and protection solutions releases DiaCool™, a diamond based composite material.

With the constant evolution of semiconductor device technology, the materials used, and their respective applications, are driving engineers to deliver more functionality in increasingly smaller spaces. Combined with the need to deliver more power, higher frequencies, etc., these applications require new and enhanced thermal management techniques and technologies. While the use of new semiconductor materials such as SiC, GaN and even diamond is on the rise, until now, the design engineer has been left with tried and true legacy material technologies that are rapidly reaching the limits of their capabilities. To help engineers improve thermal management efficacy, HSG is releasing a new diamond based metal matrix composite material that provides a highly efficient solution.

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