Litron Expands its Plating Capabilities and Certification

Litron Expands its Plating Capabilities and Certification

AUGUST 2018 - The Hermetic Solutions Group’s Litron Division, based in Agawam, MA is pleased to announce the certification of an expansion to our plating operations.  A Nadcap Certified location for chemical processing, Litron is now also certified to provide nickel electroplating.  We are thrilled to be able to provide a variety of high-quality plating and other chemical processing services to our customers.

This achievement covers a number of important processing areas including:

Conversion Coating for:

o   Aluminum, Non–Hexavalent Chrome Alternatives (Per MIL–DTL–5541)

o   Aluminum (per MIL–C–5541, MIL–DTL–5541)

Solution Analysis and Testing in Support of Chemical Processing for:

o   Metallographic Preparation

o   Salt Spray Testing

o   Heat Resistance Testing

o    Other Testing In Support of AC7108

o    Adhesion Testing (Bend Test)

o    Conductivity Testing

o   B15 – Resistivity Testing

o   Coating Thickness Measurement

o   Solution Analysis

Electroless Plating (Nickel) per:

o   AMS 2404

o   AMS–C–26074

o   ASTM B733

o   MIL–C–26074


o   Gold (per ASTM B488, MIL–DTL–45204)

o   Nickel (per AMS–QQ–N–290, AMS 2403)